Cheap web hosting: the best deals for September 2021

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It makes no sense to build a great website if no one can access it. That is why it is necessary choose a web hosting provider this is economical, fast and efficient, especially if you are just starting out. Fortunately, this month there is no shortage of great affordable web hosting, with many of them best web hosting services offering lucrative offers.

SiteGround, for example, expand your summer sale a little more so you can get that 68% discount while it’s available. Namecheap, meanwhile, has arrived with new offerings for the new season with a one-time sale back to school. Learn more about these and other offers with our summary of web hosting deals for September 2021.

Cheap web hosting: the best deals for September 2021

Hostinger: up to 75% discount on premium web hosting
Hostinger is a very popular web hosting provider with 29 million users in seven data centers. It also supports one-click installation for major content management systems such as WordPress. Right now, Hostinger is offering a flat 75% discount in your shared hosting plan in exchange for a four – year commitment and 41% discount for a one-year commitment. Read our full document Hostinger Review to find out why we rank it among the best web hosts of the year.

SiteGround: up to 68% off some plans
SiteGround offers free managed installations for WordPress and WooCommerce in all of their shared hosting plans. You also get daily backups of websites and a free trial environment for each project. Thanks to its expanded summer sale, SiteGround offers so far 68% discount their StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek hosting plans, which start at just $ 4.99 a month. Read our document SiteGround review to find out if this is the right web hosting for you.

Namecheap: 94% discount on domains, hosting and more
Namecheap, with its affordable hosting plans, free site migrations and a convenient app market, is a favorite among students looking for an affordable option. With the reopening of schools, Namecheap is offering a discount back to school 94% discount domain names, 51% discount on web hosting and email, i 56% discount on website security. But hurry up, the sale ends at midnight September 6th! Read our document Namecheap Review for a detailed analysis of this web hosting.

GreenGeeks: 77% discount on new Lite, Pro and Premium plans
Data centers are temperature-controlled environments that need a lot of electricity to stay cool throughout the day. GreenGeeks promises that its green business model returns in renewable energy credits three times the energy it draws from the grid. Right now, GreenGeeks is offering 77% discount on all new hosting plans in case you have an annual commitment. Read our document GreenGeeks Review for more information on their offers.

Web hosting September 2021: offers are reduced

What is web hosting?

Just as your business needs an office, a website needs web hosting to stay online. Web hosting is a service by which a dedicated provider allows access to the servers of their computers in a subscribed manner, with each server containing the storage space and bandwidth needed to host one or more websites in line.

It is not feasible for all companies and individuals to host their own web servers; this would be too expensive and inefficient. That’s why web hosts have massive data centers around the world, where they maintain and maintain these servers, allowing access to their resources for free.

There are different types of web hosting solutions available in different price ranges. Starting with shared accommodation, which is the most cost-effective, comes to be expensive dedicated accommodation for large-scale websites.

Most affordable hosting plans are shared in nature, with multiple websites sharing resources on the same physical server. However, some select hosting companies have also been offering cloud hosting, managed accommodation, i virtual private server (VPS) accommodation at very attractive prices.

See our shopping guides for different types of web hosting, including: the best cloud hosting services; the best VPS hosting providers; the best Linux web hosting; the best Windows hosting services; the best WordPress hosting; and the best free web hosting.

What to look for in a cheap web hosting?

When looking for a cheap hosting provider for your website, it is also important to keep quality in mind. Most major online hosting providers have a number of cost-effective plans available, but not all offer the same level of value.

A good web hosting provider offers excellent support in case you have any problems. It also has a guarantee of reliable uptime – the percentage of time your website is guaranteed to stay online for any year. Your hosting provider should also have fast server response times, so people don’t get frustrated and leave while trying to load your website.

Of course, a cheap shared hosting plan will not offer the same speeds or server support as more expensive dedicated hosting. It’s also worth noting that most web hosts will limit your maximum storage capacity and bandwidth on cheaper plans, so you need to make sure you buy one that works for your business.

However, there are many competitors in the market, each with their own distinct offerings, to suit your specific needs and circumstances.

What is the difference between free and affordable web hosting?

There are web hosts that offer a limited version of their services for free, but these offers usually help you know what it is like to host your website with them before you sign up.

Free web hosting almost never offers the same number of features as a paid hosting plan, not to mention that it imposes a lot of restrictions to limit use for economic viability. A free hosting plan is fine if you want to try things out before a full launch or if you just need a website for personal use, but professionals and business owners should always consider a paid hosting plan.