GoDaddy kicks “Texas right to life” off the web platform after debuting the website Snitching on Abortion

GoDaddy kicks Texas right to life


GoDaddy will kick Texas Right to Life off its web platform, especially after the group created a “cheating website” that would inform anyone who gets aborted. The state of Texas has changed its laws and will focus on the specific period in which a future mother would have an abortion and would do so in legal terms.

The world’s largest domain specialist has massive control and stakes on the Internet, especially with its services offering companies an Internet platform. However, its massive hacking last year has severely affected its systems for its users.

GoDaddy launches the Texas Right to Life web platform


The New York Times has reported that the GoDaddy platform will launch an anti-abortion website called the “Texas Right to Life” platform. A GoDaddy spokesman said the website has violated the company’s terms and conditions and has had unwanted behavior on the internet.

The domain that would have 24 hours to perform its services is known as “,” which gives people the ability to attack others. The website has a reporting tool that can send anonymous tips to the promotion platform and here they would have the information of those who have undergone the procedure.

While Texas ’primary dominance of the right to life was not the goal, GoDaddy still said the company has violated numerous provisions and may also be subject to the same punishment as above.

What the group did was a violation of the privacy of those who aborted, mostly because they have the power to use their platform and condemn those who had it.


The power of GoDaddy over the Internet

GoDaddy has a large share of the Internet as it is a domain service and a web hosting platform, which are two of the main aspects of a website. The platform serves as a place where people can stay and set up shops, while the domain service helps to register the website address in Internet books.

That said, when GoDaddy bans or launches a website, they would lose privileges to register their name in the company, as well as to have a platform to stay. They are already twice in one.

This is very similar to another popular company, known to the public as Amazon Web Services, which uses a virtual cloud web hosting service, to bring people to the platform they need.

New Texas law

The new Texas law has been about abortion, particularly just having 6 weeks of life or pregnancy to be legally aborted or removed from the mother’s womb. This was something the advocacy group has campaigned against on their website.

However, doing so has pushed them out of bounds or condemning those who did. With this, many TikTok users and concerned citizens have flooded the site with false reports and cheated the Texas Right to Life website.