I finally found a use for a VPN: live TV

Best VPN to stream: Fire Stick, Netflix and more


I read and hear a lot about VPNs (virtual private networks). The best VPN services are services that some use to make your computer look like it is somewhere else. They are popular for logging in to remote servers, watching Netflix International to see things that are not licensed for your country, and hiding your activity from your ISP (among other things).

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All of this doesn’t really appeal to me. I have Netflix more than enough to watch on it (I’m criminally behind it) and there aren’t many other reasons. So I spent years thinking “yeah, VPNs are great if you have a reason.”

Last month, however, on vacation, I finally found a reason for a VPN: look to live programming. And while it worked well once, it didn’t always work that way. But since I managed to use a VPN to see some of the live shows I wanted, I thought I should at least share that information with all of you.

This is due to the strange behavior of certain cable channels, such as US and TNT. They both have food on the east and west coasts, and that’s not exactly a big deal. Sure, it helps channels show movies during the time slots, but both networks too emits my not-so-guilty pleasure: professional wrestling.

And what happens with professional wrestling is that it’s so much better to live. So why did I wonder, while watching TV in my hotel, the U.S. Network airs Monday night at 8 p.m., when it originally airs live at 8 p.m., three o’clock? before? Or at least why isn’t food on the east coast of the US easily offered?

I don’t want to further the topic, but in an era of constant online conversations about live events on social media, that makes so little sense. Doesn’t TNT do this with NBA games and its professional wrestling program (All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite) is less live?

How I got it

So, dear reader, around five o’clock on a Monday afternoon in Las Vegas, I saw the professional struggle at the same time as everyone else in the east. And it worked quite easily. I opened ExpressVPN, established my region in New York, and opened a live TV streaming app that I was testing.

At the time, I regretted not buying a USB-C dongle on HDMI so I could watch it on my hotel TV and not on my iPad Pro, but I was able to watch (a good episode of) Monday Night Raw live. And then, at eight in the afternoon, it was time for dinner. Honestly, I thought, this is pretty neat. I almost thought I would prefer this schedule (but that’s more).

So if you’re upset that a TV channel doesn’t show live programming, but in the event of a tape delay, a VPN may be your new best friend. Otherwise, he would probably have gone hunting for illegal feed from the east coast housed in places that are disposed of annually.

For me, I can see signing up for a VPN whenever I travel. It doesn’t seem essential year-round, but your mileage (of course) can vary.

The VPN didn’t always work, although there are alternatives

That previous Friday night, I was in a pickle. My friend and I were in Las Vegas trying to find a way to see the long-awaited wrestling event of the month (you guessed it): it was rumored (but not announced) at CM Punk to return to professional wrestling. And I was going to do it on AEW Rampage on TNT.

But, as you may recall, TNT is one of them those channels. And for some reason, my phone’s ExpressVPN didn’t unlock the east coast variant of TNT. Fortunately for me, my internet friend Sam (whom I had finally met and thanked later that night) gave me a tip: the TNT app has East Coast power for free, as long as you have an account with which to sign in.

The only other problem I had with using a VPN for live time change programming was when I was trying to use it for the Fox broadcast channel. For some reason, every live streaming service I was trying refused to give me the East Coast Fox feed, regardless of the state the VPN told me about. different article.