Ideal features of a web hosting service provider


When it comes to selecting web hosting providers, there are many things to keep in mind, and reliability is one of the most important issues these days. This is not just about the price part, as hosting plays a crucial role in e-commerce businesses and even small downtime can cause serious damage to online stores.

Worry about customer satisfaction.

If you want to make it big in the realm of web hosting, there are many things to keep in mind. In addition, much more is needed to be the best and to be noticed by customers in global markets. But, the sad part of the story is that most hosting providers fail to succeed, due to their negligence and most importantly, they don’t care about customer satisfaction.

Customer retention is more important than generating new leads

Web hosting is one of those infrequent businesses in which recurring businesses make up the majority of revenue rather than the new business transactions of most other companies. The first reason is that everyone buys domains once in a lifetime and they have no choice but to renew them.

Something similar applies in the case of accommodation charges; therefore, if customers are quite satisfied with your hosting services, they are less likely to change hosts, not to mention how tedious it is to change hosts.

Offer more than hosting services

It all boils down to offering the best deal to your customers, so you can’t just satisfy your customers with the basics of the hosting package, and they would also require you to add unlimited vouchers and complementary domains, free domain for life, etc.

Ensure zero downtime

Dead times can be quite annoying; it is a well-known fact that all problems appear when we least expect them, but the father should not cause downtime for your valuable customers, also for more than a few minutes at most. The cloud hosting architecture helps a lot to improve the reliability levels of the infrastructure and to provide uninterrupted hosting services to the customers.

Even if you are a reseller host, be sure to take cloud vendor reseller hosting packages so that the chances of long stops are minimal.

Listen to the customers!

There may be times when some of your customers are not too happy despite your best efforts – right now, you need to listen to what your customers have to say and learn from your mistakes. And, your technical or customer support team has to follow this motto at all costs: if you start telling customers what to do or why you can’t deliver what they want, it would never be favorable to you. .

Your support team may not be responsible for incidents such as virus attacks or malware on a particular customer’s website, but they may hold you responsible for it. In these circumstances, it is essential to inform them about what has happened, when, how and why, but in a very polite and formal tone without disappointing them.

Above all, you should always be prepared to help your customers and give them a sense of confidence every time you interact with them. This greatly helps to retain most of your customers and increase annual revenue.

Do the latest web hosting articles to educate your customers

Creating a web hosting article knowledge base not only allows your customers to learn a lot, but also gives you the opportunity to drive traffic to your website and increase your chances of exposing your website. brand thousands of potential customers as well. So, are you making enough effort on this front? Well, let’s delve deeper into the matter and see what you got lost in and how you can take advantage of this front with little effort.

Importance of creating a knowledge base of web hosting articles

More often than not, customers need help even to perform simple tasks like updating MX Records using cPanel to redirect emails, set up a completely anonymous reseller in cPanel, customize WHM and add a remote access key and with the help of to host articles or video tutorials, they can do the job in a jiffy. But if your support team sends them template-based responses, they may not be able to do the same with the same ease, and they may tend to get frustrated.

Brand value

When you create a knowledge base section on your website, it not only helps your existing customers, but also indirectly helps attract leads. It is very likely that many of these help articles will be indexed by search engines and positioned in high positions for popular keyword phrases and that dozens, if not hundreds, of potential customers will reach your website. seeking help. And, when they get the information they want, they would be sure to put their money into a company that strives to help customers. Therefore, converting these potential customers will not be too difficult; All it would take is an attractive deal to email them and you would soon see them sign up for your hosting services right away.

Building readers

Aside from building your knowledge base, if you cover the latest on hosting and trending topics, you can also grow the number of readers on your website at a steady pace. All you have to do is update it daily and cover some interesting things related to the web hosting industry.

Limit promotional posts

When covering blog posts, you should try to limit promotions and try to add value to your readers. If you continue to constantly cover promotional news, readers will soon lose interest. On the other hand, if you occasionally write promotional posts, they can work wonders and offer very high conversion rates.

Put only high quality content

To update your web hosting blog on a daily basis, if you start scraping content from popular sources, you will soon lose credibility. You only need to put very high quality content on your website and make sure that your website is not penalized for upgrading to Google Panda for fine quality content.

Create a strong name in the hosting industry

If many of your web hosting articles are acclaimed, your website will soon become a recognized source of information and gain popularity in the web hosting industry in general. And this can lead to many indirect benefits. For example, you can find some strong resellers or host affiliates to promote your business. Remember that just a powerful reseller or affiliate can make a big difference to your business. Some hosting providers generate up to 500-1000 new customers each month through a single electrical affiliate, so don’t forget the power of a single affiliate / reseller.

In addition, you may also be able to make contacts with other companies that may not be your direct competitors, and you may also end up exchanging some business with them. And the benefits don’t stop there: if you create some video tutorials and market them on YouTube, you could even get viral exposure on YouTube as well as on social networking sites.

You can even do some social media campaigns and attract readers with some gifts. By offering a free hosting account for 1 year to every 10,000 visitors to your site, you can attract 9999 potential customers, and at least 9 of them could end up buying your hosting packages.

In short, if you put a lot of effort into creating brands and selflessly helping your existing / potential customers and the hosting fraternity, your efforts will be rewarded over time. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get started and see the difference it can make to your business over the next two years.