PureVPN can help cryptographic users stay secure and access international exchanges: sponsored by Bitcoin News

VPNs have never been so popular among remote workers

PureVPN protects users from online encryption

PureVPN has been in the VPN industry for over 15 years and has the trust of over 3 million users. With PureVPN enabled, all network traffic is encrypted before you leave your device using 256-bit secure encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone to enter your data and hack your account. This can give you peace of mind to access your exchanges securely, whether you’re at an airport, a mall, or any other public wifi.

To further enhance your security, PureVPN applications include two much more important features:

1. All applications have a Kill Switch feature that minimizes the risk to your online security in case the VPN crashes, which can happen for any reason. If and when this happens, the auto-switch will start automatically and temporarily turn off all network traffic until you reconnect.

2. PureVPN also offers one of the cheapest options for getting a static IP. A static IP allows you to restrict access to your account only from a specific IP. This means that even if a hacker has access to your exchange or portfolio credentials, they will not be able to access it. This creates a very strong firewall and greatly increases account security

Inevitably, with a VPN, there is a degradation of speed. PureVPN helps you counter this with its global network of more than 6,500 servers spread across the globe in more than 90 locations that provide up to 20G of bandwidth.

PureVPN apps are available on Windows, Mac, iPhone / iPad, and Android with lightweight browser extensions available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, and all Chromium-based browsers.

How does a VPN help cryptographic users access exchanges?

The cryptographic space is evolving very rapidly, as is the regulatory environment around it. In recent quarters, users have seen many new regulations appear that have forced even giants like Binance to restrict access to their services from certain regions.

This is very inconvenient for users who need to access their accounts while traveling or staying in a place where the cryptographic trading platform is inaccessible. A VPN is very useful here, as it gives you the ability to access your account from anywhere in the world just by connecting to the country of your choice.

The PureVPN service has a huge global network of more than 6,500 servers spread around the world in more than 90 locations with a bandwidth of up to 20G. So no matter what country you are in and the region you want to access, PureVPN has you covered.

For desktop users, PureVPN has integrated the best exchanges within the super-friendly browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge so you can access them seamlessly with a single click.

In addition to enabling you to access any location, a VPN also improves your security by encrypting all the data coming out of your device. With its strong 256-bit encryption, PureVPN makes sure to keep network traffic safe from MITM (middle man) attacks, so you can access both your switchboard and your wallet from a wifi airport or public wifi, traffic will be kept safe.