The Google Voice update gets smarter and gives reasons for missed and missed calls



This week, a significant Google Voice update added features such as “Reason for missed call” and “Reason for call withdrawal and redial”. For users who have been working with Google Voice on their phones for years, these features may change the game. Imagine being able to see how that missed call was not because you had headphones on and couldn’t hear, but because “this device wasn’t set up to receive incoming calls,” along with a simple solution: imagine how I could have changed the way he handled strange situations in the past.

Google Voice reasons

With the missed call reason, users can “see why a call didn’t ring and what you can do to fix it.” The app will not only tell you that you missed a call, but will tell you why, and give you a recommendation on how to avoid the situation in the future.

This feature is similar, in some ways, to the feature added to Microsoft’s upgrade to PC Health Check. Microsoft added explanations to the process to make it clear why a user would not be able to upgrade to Windows 11, instead of having the software simply say “This PC cannot run Windows 11.”

Google Voice also added “Reason for call and redial.” Like missed call reason, call download reason, and call redial explain why a call was suspended and give you a recommendation on how to successfully reconnect this call.

Other Google Voice updates

Google added the Google Voice option to delete multiple SMS messages at once. Finally, finally, the software trusts the user to delete more than one message at a time. This feature may be available in a web browser before it reaches mobile device applications.

Google Voice “clients” using iOS have an update with a new setting that allows them to see their Google Voice number as a caller ID when a call reaches a number linked to Google Voice. With this setting enabled, when you receive a call using a forwarding number, you’ll see that call with your Google Voice number instead of the caller’s number.

Update for you

Google suggests that the above features will be available to all Google Workspace customers who subscribe to Google Voice. They will also be available for G Suite Basic and Business guests. It is quite possible that the features (especially the simple possibility of deleting more than one message at a time) are available to all users, even free Google Voice users, but for now it seems that Google maintains this action for subscribers.

According to the release of workspace updates on these features, the reason for downloading calls and redialing are “now available to all users.” The caller ID system for iOS is also “available now for all iOS users” and Deletes multiple SMS messages at once “is now available for all users.” The reason for the missed call will be a gradual launch (up to 15 days) starting July 15, with quick launch domains and scheduled launch with Google Workspace.